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NO RULES. NO LIMITS. NO NONSENSE. A.N. OTHER gives award-winning perfumers an open check and creative freedom resulting in unique scents, rare quality, and no gimmicks.
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Simple is the new bold. Brands spend a disproportionate amount of money on marketing and gimmicks, leaving only a small budget for the product itself.

A. N. OTHER is different. We have a crystal-clear focus on what's inside the bottle. Everything else is stripped back to the barest essentials.

The confidence to spend less on nonsense lets us invest more in exceptional craftsmanship and extraordinary ingredients.

Perfumer: Nathalie Benareau
Exploring classic light and dark textures infused with a modern twist.
Top: Cotton Candy / Elemi / Saffron
Heart: Brazilian Mate / Night Blooming Jasmine / Ambrette
Base: Aged Leather / Cashmere Musk / Labdanum / Amberwood

Perfumer: David Apel

Hypnotic combination of exotic and intimate notes.
Top: Blood Orange / Star Anise / Lemon Sugar
Heart: Cannabis Accord / Myrrh / Night Blooming Jasmine
Base: Vanilla Crème / Tonka / Driftwood

Perfumer: Christine Hassan
An ode to the wild Osmanthus flower, curated by 2 time Olympian and 4 time X-Games Gold Medalist Silje Norendal.
Top: Sea Side Breeze / Louisiana Peach / Clementine
Heart: Osmanthus Flower / Orchid / Tuberose
Base: Solar Musk / Driftwood / Bamboo

Perfumer: Patricia Bilodeau
A fragrance created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses.
Top: Pear Sparkle / Cardamom Spice / Violet Leaves
 Rich Orris / Cypress / Amyris
Base: Sandalwood / Blonde Cedar / Vetiver Madagascar

Perfumer: Catherine Selig
A new interpretation to a secret 19th century Patchouli formula.
Top: Bergamot / Ambrette Absolute / Saffron Blossom
Heart: French Rose / Pomegranate / Peony
Base: Patchouli Cœur / Suede / Skin Musk


Perfumer: Carlos Vinals
Inspired by the resurgence of classic gin cocktails
Top: Melon Pop Rocks / Grapefruit Zest / Gin & Tonic
Heart: Juniper / Madagascar Ginger / Aromatic Lavender
Base: Chilled Amberwood / Metallic Musk